Flexi-Max: Stretch your Limits!


Think you tried every martial arts training equipment on the market ? How about a kick trainer? Flexi-Max is now offering a brilliant training aid that will allow you to improve your kicks and gain flexibility at the same time! Unlike most stretching devices on the market that allow you to stretch in one or two positions at the most, Flexi-Max enables excellent stretch in six different positions including three positions that allow you to practice and improve most of your kicks. 

Why Flexi-Max? Imagine holding your leg with only two fingers! The lightweight nylon and metal assembly make your leg approximately 4 times lighter so you can lift it up and keep it up easily while letting your muscle stretch gently or practicing your kicks. Much stronger, confortable and safe than a training partner, Flexi-Max is simple to use and much more efficient.

With over 10,000 units sold worldwide to martial artist like you, Flexi-Max is not really new to the market but it is certainly a well kept secret. Once you try it and notice how quickly and easily your flexibility and kicks improve, you will understand why many martial artists keep the secret... The best way to feel the power of this training is to kick with it for 20-30 times and then, remove your leg from it and kick again... the feeling will be worth a thousand words.

Only for martial arts? Of course not! Most sports and body inspired arts require a minimum of flexibility and often times, flexibility gives an edge over other players and artists. From ballet to running, curling to snowboarding, Flexi-Max will serve you very well.

All you need is a solid spot in the ceiling or a beam to screw in the hook (included in package), read the instructions and you are ready to stretch & train! You will LOVE this new training partner.

Developed by my twin brother (engineer and black belt martial artist) a few years ago, h marketed Flexi-Max successfully through different distribution channels in the last 15 years and has no more time for this business. I am taking over production and marketing with my wife so it is now back on eBay!


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